Our residential real estate packages are bundled from our most frequently ordered services.

All listings are beautifully displayed on their own easily sharable property webpage.

Please contact us at (404) 551-2649 or for commercial and custom real estate requests.

3D Virtual Tour and Interior/Exterior Photography


•Up to 2,500 sf = $375 (20+ photos, 1.5 hours on-site)

•Up to 5,000 sf = $650 (30+ photos, 2.25 hours on-site)

•Up to 7,500 sf = $925 (40+ photos, 3 hours on-site)

•Up to 10,000 sf = $1,175 (50+ photos, 4 hours on-site)

Add Aerial Video Tour and Photography = $250 (1-2 min video and 5+ photos, +1 hour on-site)

Add 2D Schematic Floor Plan with Measurements = $50

Add Feature Tag descriptions = $25 (up to 15 features)

Add 360 Exterior View = $25 each

 Aerial Video and Photography



A 2-3 min video tour mixing aerial, exterior and interior video clips + aerial, exterior and interior photography

•Up to 3,500 sf = $525 (30+ photos, 2 hours on-site)

•Up to 7,500 sf = $700 (40+ photos, 3 hours on-site)

•Up to 12,000 sf = $875 (50+ photos, 4 hours on-site)



Aerial, Exterior + Interior Photography

•Up to 2,000 sf = $225 (25+ photos, 1.25 hours on site)

•Up to 5,000 sf = $265 (35+ photos, 1.75 hours on site)

•Up to 8,000 sf = $300 (45+ photos, 2.5 hours on site)

 Interior/Exterior Photography (no aerial)


•Up to 2,000 sf = $125 (20+ photos, 45 min on-site)

•Up to 5,000 sf = $165 (30+ photos, 1 hour on-site)

•Up to 8,000 sf = $200 (40+ photos, 1.5 hours on-site)

•Up to 12,000 sf = $225 (50 + photos, 2 hours on-site)

If you would like us to capture amenities, details or additional angles select the next higher package.

Interior/Exterior Video Tour (no aerial)


1.5 - 3 Minute Video

•Up to 3,500 sf = $300 (45 min on-site)

•Up to 7,500 sf = $400 (1 hour on-site)

•Up to 12,000 sf = $500 (1.5 hours on-site)

To book your shoot, contact us at (404) 551-2649 or

Once scheduled please Pay for Services to confirm the date and time.

What is Included?



  • Fully immersive self-guided interior 3D virtual tour

  • Property and realtor info

  • Edited slideshow or walkthrough tour (in addition to self-guided 3D tour)

  • Dollhouse view

  • Floor plan view with room labels

  • Social Media Sharing Link

  • HTML Embed Codes

  • MLS direct link


VIDEO TOURS (aerial, exterior + interior)

  • Classic or modern edit style

  • Smooth cinematic shots

  • Music track

  • Address overlay

  • Optional agent cameo/voice-over welcoming viewers

  • MLS direct link

  • YouTube link for easy sharing

  • Zillow and Trulia boosted listing


PHOTOGRAPHY (aerial, exterior + interior)

What to Expect

A properly staged home is key in achieving the most marketable tours and images.

Upon arrival, we quickly canvas each home to make lighting adjustments and prepare for the shoot. If the home is not shoot-ready, we will attempt to minimize visual distractions while shooting. If a reschedule or cancellation is necessary once onsite, a 50% fee will be charged.

We take utmost pride in our work and allot adequate time to every one of our clients to ensure quality. Onsite times assume your listing is ready to capture upon arrival, allowing us to give your listing proper attention while also keeping to our schedule for the day.

How to Prepare


  • MAKE all beds

  • CLEAR bedroom table tops, dresser tops and desks

  • CLEAR bathing supplies from tubs and showers

  • CLOSE toilet lids

  • CLEAR bathroom and kitchen counter tops

  • HIDE indoor and outdoor trash + recycle bins

  • UNCOVER grills and outdoor furniture

  • Turn-ON all lights interior and exterior

  • Turn-OFF all ceiling fans, television and computer/laptop screens

  • REMOVE all vehicles from the driveway and do not park directly in front of home

  • HIDE pets and their belongings (we love pets but not all buyers are pet people)


  • REPLACE all non-working light bulbs

  • REMOVE notes, photos and papers from refrigerators, desks and in-boxes

  • REMOVE piles of newspapers and magazines

  • REMOVE clutter from rooms that may be excessively furnished/decorated

  • REMOVE all garden tools, MOW and RAKE yard

  • SWEEP/BLOW driveways, decks, sidewalks, patios and pool areas

Please inform us of any features of the home you would like captured that are not apparent.

We will capture the home as found upon arrival. Blinds and doors may be opened or closed for compositional purposes. We do not move or stage objects.

Contact us with any questions at (404) 551-2649