Think Your Listing is Photo-Ready? Check Out Our Top 12 List to Decide

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Before each shoot, we meticulously go through the home to ensure it's looking its best.

Here are the top 12 things we look for before we take photos.

Note: this is for photo-staging only! Staging for showings will be in a later post 😉

• No seasonal staging (no holiday wreaths or decor) as it shows how long home has been on market

• Blankets on chairs/ couches are typically distracting and look better removed

• Remove all personal items from the office; we do shoot the home office and statements, personal paperwork needs to be hidden completely out of sight

• We love pets! BUT all evidence of pets living there need to go (litter boxes, bowls, stairs for bed, pet toys, leashes, etc)

• Lightbulbs make a big difference!! Warm, non-flourescent bulbs look best and it does make it look cozy with lamps on

• Remove all personal photos from house; it’s difficult for prospective buyers to envision themselves in the home with your family’s photos on the wall

• Kids/ baby toys tucked away into closets

• Beds made well; pillows upright (no sad pillows)

• Closets- we don’t shoot unless it’s spectacular; if it’s a great closet, have it organized; same with garages

• Bathroom soaps all put away unless it’s a decorative bottle; towels look better put away; counter cleaned off; small rugs out of bathrooms; all perfume and makeup put away

•Magnets off refrigerators

•Remove paper towels, rugs, towels, toaster

•Fresh flowers really do look nice in the kitchen or small, potted succulents